Vlog Script

Script for vlog 1

Title: College (Not Real) Life

Setting: My dorm, current time

Character: Myself. Being sarcastic yet informing about current college living and mine/others opinions about it. Mostly my opinions while proving others’ wrong, or what they really think. Humorous tone.


1.  begin with background of fast pace city street scene with and title and name on heading

along with background music (paralyzer-finger 11, first guitar part)

cut to talking head with a fade slide to the left

Fade background music

Begin dialogue

So this is College Life. Which really isn’t real life. Hence the parenthesis. You will now know why it isn’t real life and never will be. We’ll get that part out of the way now. First, if you live in a dorm..you live in a dorm! Talk about really living on your own when you pay bills and rent. Second, the most you can have is a part time job. You don’t have a career. Almost there though. And so on, and so forth.

You’ll also find out the real stereotypes of everything from dorm food to parties and everything in between. Like next I’ll be talking about dorm food, everyone bashes it all the time. Compare it to your high school cafeteria and then complain. And you’re probably only complaining because you eat the greasy good food and now you’re getting fat. As for frats and sororities, yes. A lot of stereotypes are true, along with other fun facts. So tune in to watch my series for College (Not Real) Life, and get educated.

fade slide left

Back to city scene with heading saying “Next week Dorm food”

fade out slide right


Vlog Treatment

Vlog Project Treatment


Project Title

That College “Life”


Type of vlog series




Telling people my personal opinion on matters frequently talked about in college



This opinion generated vlog will be based on current opinions or gossip in college. They will include general opinions and also compare to my own if I agree or not, or if they are completely different.


Does the vlog project have a point of view? If so, what is it?

This will be told in first person by myself.


Generally, what will the mood or tone of your project be?

The mood will be sarcastic or condescending or matter-of-fact.


Series outline


Vlog one: Setting up the vlog series explaining what my series will consist of and my general opinions on certain matters or just about college in general. I will then talk about my first subject I hear frequently talked about: Dorm food. I will talk about what people say about it, how I feel about it. What I observe people doing or what they act like in the dining halls, people sitting alone or how I, myself usually sits alone. I will be possibly talking about the people who work there as well.

Vlog two: Talking about Greek Life in my school, and colleges in general along with my experience so far being in a sorority

Vlog three: Football games and tailgating

Vlog four: Clubs in school; what’s out there, what you can make up, what I think, what I’m involved in

Vlog five: Lectures and gen eds.

Vlog six: House/apartment parties or how girls go out on the weekends


Will there be characters? Or will there just be one talking head figure narrating the entire series?

There will not be any characters, unless I bring someone else in my video to help act something out or get another opinion. Otherwise, it will just be me.


Videography plans

I will mostly be using my webcam unless I figure out how to do anything else.


Details of Setting/location

This will be filmed in my dorm room, or possibly outside somewhere on campus at times, depending on weather.

Project Treatment

Project Treatment


Type of project Twitter posts of characters following their stories, video logs on YouTube of the doctor.


Genre– Multimedia fiction


Project Title

Experiment X


Premise First person accounts of psychological experiments


Logline A.K.A. the pitchline or strapline.

3 college students partake in several different psychological experiments, which in fact starts to give them problems of their own with different reactions than intended.


Does the project have a point of view? If so, what is it? The accounts will be told in first person from the patients and the doctor.



Story synopsis

Experiment X is about a few college students who are simply looking for a way to get some fast cash by doing some psychology experiments, while little did they know it would severely interfere with their lives because of how the doctor performs these experiments

  • Primary plot synopsis or summary

-the problems that the students come into contact with as a result of a number of experiments and how to resolve them

  • Subplots

-the doctor with his personal comments and input on the experiments and his backstory and how it plays into the story

  • Characters (can include long lines and short lines with character sketches)
    • Dr. P-troubled past life, avid researcher always wanting to conduct new experiments
    • Jesse- female, senior in college, most affected by experiments
    • Eric-  junior in college, not so bright, etc.
    • Bobby- senior in college, skeptical about experiments


Setting(s)/location(s) details

The setting will mostly be held in a research lab right outside in the town of the student’s campus. It is small, doesn’t look too high-tech, yet still professional. Sometimes students will be in their own homes while they document their reactions to the experiments or in a waiting room within the lab.


Project pieces

Twitter posts from students-good/bad from experiments. Multiple posts at random times


Vlogs from doctor, which can also include hints from his backstory, seeing how his character is relevant and is the way he is